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No Hidden Fees… EVER!

VIPTicketHub strives to make all of our pricing easy to understand for our clients and their customers alike. We provide full service on your FREE account for one flat fee that you can absorb as an producer or pass along to your customer. This site was created by event producers *for* event producers, so we understand the challenges you face when listing your events.

We also understand that not all events are going to cost a lot, and to prevent your tickets from becoming cost prohibitive for your customers, VIPTicketHub has created a special fee structure for all tickets that are listed at $10 and below.

Check out our cool fee calculator tool below to see how much the final total would be for each ticket based upon your initial price. The processing fee for tickets above $10 will always be a flat rate of $1.97, plus we add a 3% to cover Credit Card fees.

Figure out your ticket fees

We make our fees easy to understand and completely transparent for producers and customers alike

As event producers ourselves, we know price can be a driving factor for your customers. We created this site to combat the huge fees found on many of our competitors platforms. There will be NO HIDDEN FEES ever when using VIPTicketHub. There is no fee to create an account, and producers can select whether to absorb the fees themselves or pass along to the customer. 

We also recognise not all events are going to have a high ticket price, and don’t want VIPTicketHub to be cost prohibitive for you or your customers. VIPTicketHub waives all credit card fees for any tickets priced under $10.  Events priced above $10.00 will have our standard $1.97 processing fee plus a 3% credit card fee. 

As a way to reduce cost for your customers, all events priced $5 and under will only ever be subject to a flat fee of $0.50 per ticket. Events priced $5.01 – $10.00 will only be subject to our standard $1.97 processing fee per ticket, and VIPTicketHub will absorb the credit card fees on those sales.


Special Fees for low cost tickets

Tickets listed for $5 and less

VIPTicketHub will only charge a $0.50 processing fee and WAIVE the 3% Credit Card fee

Tickets listed for between $5.01 and $10.00

VIPTicketHub will only charge the standard $1.97 processing fee and waive the 3% Credit Card fee

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July 21-25, 2024
House of Comedy
Detroit, MI

September 17-23, 2023
Chill X Studio
Vancouver, BC

June 13 - Aug 29, 2023
Comedy After Dark
117 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6B 1S5